What short bio should we use for you?

A.R.E Taylor is an anthropologist based at the University of Cambridge. He works at the intersection of social anthropology, media and communication studies and the history of technology. His research concentrates on the material, temporal and political dimensions of data storage and security. He is an Editorial Assistant for the Journal of Extreme Anthropology and a founder of the Cambridge Infrastructure Resilience Group, a network of researchers exploring critical infrastructure protection in relation to global catastrophic risks. He is also a founding member of the Social Studies of Outer Space (SSOS) Research Network. His research interests include: data, technology, futures, techno-apocalyptic narratives, digital preservation and pre-digital nostalgia.

How should I cite you?

Please use ‘A.R.E. Taylor’.

Would you be willing to act as my PhD supervisor/co-supervisor?

I am always interested in supervising projects relating to my research areas. I will be particularly useful to you as a supervisor if you want to work on anything involving any combination of the following research areas: data centres (security/history/environmental impact), data futures, digital materialities, media infrastructure breakdown/failure, digital detoxing/disengagement, social studies of outer space. If you have only vague ideas for a project in this area, I might be able to suggest something that would build on your interests and skills — just get in touch by email.

Can we use your data centre photographs?

Please contact me if you would like to reproduce any of my photographs. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of my photographs without my express and written permission is strictly prohibited. If permission is granted please make sure to link back to the original image and credit: © A.R.E. Taylor